May 25, 2013

Cycling this morning

All this photo archiving is taking time, but it has also made me more alert than in ages. I've been sort of flegmatic for most of this spring. This morning I got up at 5 and as the sun was shining, I headed out cycling.

This is the building in the block right next to ours. I hadn't been this way in a few days, so this tree in full bloom was a surprise.

I went north, by Vaasantie, as I wanted to ride the 3 km straight stretch across the boggy area. I took my PS Vita with me, because I wanted to add some more bookmarks. The first one was where I turned away from Vaasantie. That's where I got this WTF moment. I guess you could name this picture "GPS isn't infallible." The circle with arrowhead inside is what I got when I tapped the current location mark (the circle in the lower left corner). The red arrow shows where I actually was. I rebooted Vita and the GPS got back into its senses and showed the correct location.

I really like this function, and it isn't too expensive to use either as the 3G connection it requires costs €0.99 per day and max. €14.99 per month. I usually have the mobile network disabled in the settings, because I use my Wi-Fi at home, and only enable the 3G when I need the GPS or want to access the web when outdoors.

Along the straight road, there were a lot of young trees cut on both sides.

I also came across a pheasant, who wasn't happy to see me. Fortunately, I saw him first, so I got my camcorder out and shot a little clip. It turned out OK, considering that I didn't see the display properly. I saw enough to get the tilt right and then I just looked along the top of the camcorder and kept it pointed to the general direction of the bird.

Approximately half way through the straight stretch, there's a perfect spot for a "pit stop." There are danger signs in those power line pylons, but I don't let it bother me. As long as I'm not climbing them or get here during a thunder storm, there's no danger. The reason why this place is perfect is that you can get entirely out of the road, which has remarkably narrow shoulder as you can see in the video.

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