May 24, 2013

I'm sure there are easier ways

I guess I'm doing things the hard way, but I want to do some "quality control" as I transfer my photos to new locations, so I go through them one by one. Also, I suppose it means I'm an old fossil, but I actually maintain my web site by editing HTML code in Notepad++. There's just something satisfying about code that doesn't contain anything extra, just what is needed to show what needs to be shown.

Page templates and the find-replace function make web page creation a bit easier. For example, I have templates for the kind of pages the Birchfield photos are on (containing small photos that link to larger ones). I just need to number the photos certain way when I save them and then use find-replace to fix the text part of the file names in the code.

One thing I found today that helps a bit is Bulkr. The free version lets you pick some of the first sets in your Flickr account and download the photos in small, medium or large size. I noticed that the small size is just right for the link thumbnails. And if you want a set that isn't among the ones that can be selected, just go to Organize in Flickr and move the set to the beginning of your sets and it becomes available.

I actually started looking for a downloader as the Flickr download function seemed to stop working, although I used it yesterday without any problems. Finally it turned out that it was moved. You need to click the icon with two arrows in the lower right corner of the black photo background and you get to the familiar "All sizes" page.

Update: It's actually the three dots that give you the option to view all sizes. The arrows show the photo in a lightbox. Funny, yesterday (Friday) they took me straight to "View all sizes."


  1. I think Flickr just kept all it's features, maybe added some new ones, but changed everything around.

    1. Or the other option is that due to the uproar, they're quietly bringing back removed functionality, saying it was missing because of bugs.