May 22, 2013

New start

It's a new start for a blog once deleted. As I have started my move away from Flickr, I need a place to upload all the miscellaneous daily/weekly stuff that doesn't belong to my web sites and is not about doll shoes or crafts.

I will also be posting updates on what I've been doing on my other sites, so this is the one place to get updates on all of my activities. In case, you know, somebody actually cares.

As I'm deleting stuff from Flickr, you'll also see here some of the photos that don't belong anywhere else. I'm not sure how much of the old stuff I will be uploading, probably mostly dolly stuff as the journal entry type uploads are kind of obsolete (for anybody else, I'm of course saving them for myself).


  1. "In case, you know, somebody actually cares."

    With some certainty I can assure you that you will have at least one reader.

    The idea of a return to "old school blogging" is somewhat appealing to me, even though it is far less convenient to check individual sites compared to finding everything centralized on Flickr.

    (Now I need to figure out under which profile to post this reply. I really need to reorganize my own online life!)

    1. That's just the thing, reorganizing your online life. My goal is to delete unnecessary accounts (not Flickr though) and collect stuff into as few places as possible, basically to the sites listed in the sidebar. And it's nice to know I've got at least one reader.