May 26, 2013

Mad Hatter stories moved

It took some work, but I managed to transfer "Mad Hatter's House" and "Mad Hatter 2: Family Matters" to my web site. The part of the transfer that takes most work is naming the files. They need to be renamed to have the same name, but consecutive numbering, so I can take a page template and just find-replace the filenames. Copying the texts from an RTF file (I have those for all my stories) is fairly monotonous, and then you just check on the finished pages that everything is where it should be. I also managed to find a few typos, which are now fixed.

It's hard to believe how long it is since I created these stories. The uploads were from autumn 2006. I really should have done some "spring cleaning" a long time ago.

I also fixed the set cover photos for the stories that will remain. The photos were all screwed up after the layout change, which shows the photo one way in Organize and another in the actual set layout. Also managed to change the cover photo, although the cover photo functionality seems to be seriously lacking. I just picked one of the photos it agreed to display in the selection list.

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