May 23, 2013

Severing ties

Yesterday's goal was to remove links between my blogs and Flickr. That included some downloading and uploading, but actually, it's easier to download photos in the right size from Flickr than start looking for and then resizing the originals.

Blogs are done now and next I need to do the same with my web site as there are some photos there that are hosted in Flickr. The blogs also got a small "facelift" this morning as I removed extra clutter from their layouts.

Yesterday, I found out how easy it is to download all your blog photos, if you're using Blogger:
  1. Go to Google Takeout
  2. Select your service. For Blogger photos, it's Picasa Web Albums.
  3. Configure the download, that is, select whether you want to download everything or just one album (one blog's photos).
  4. Select "Create Archive." 
You can either wait until the creation of the zip file is ready or select the option to receive an email once it can be downloaded. The zip archive will contain your photos in folders with each blog's photos in their own folder.

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