Jun 29, 2013

Glutenfree and dairyfree

There's a big supermarket about 3 km away, in a direction opposite to where I usually go. It's not very easy to get there by bicycle as there are a lot of crossings and the cycling road ends before the store parking lot, making it a bit hard to know, which route cyclists are supposed to take. Because of that, I haven't been there for months and didn't really know what the current selection is like. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I went there today. First, all the glutenfree food stuffs were in one place, which is always good as you don't need to wander around trying to find them. Second, I found the products shown in the photos below.

Usually anything with apple flavor turns out to be very bland and not that good, but this time I was in for a surprise. These are exceptionally good, both in taste and texture. The sweetness is just right and they're sort of soft and crunchy.

These looked good and they are all right, but nothing special. The problem is that the crust is too dense and doesn't really taste of anything, so it's up to the jam to fix things. Of the two, the ones with red berries are better.

I love chocolate, so it was a pleasant surprise to find the cocoa filled bars, but strangely enough, the ones with red berries turned out to be better again. And they're really good as you can clearly taste the berries. The problem with the cocoa version is that you can't really taste the cocoa.

This is a totally new brand to me and fortunately all the products seem to be dairyfree as well. That's always the problem with glutenfree stuff, the sentence "may contain traces of milk" in the ingredients list.

The final problem, which really goes without saying, is that all these were expensive. The apple bars were most expensive, €5.99 for a box of 6 bars. However, that can't be avoided and one just has to be happy that the products are available, because the only other option is to do entirely without.

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