Jun 7, 2013

Transferring the stories

I have moved some more of the 6th Scale Stories to my web site. They can all be found here. The transfer is turning out to be easier than I thought, due to the page templates I'm using.

I have a basic template that contains the start and end of a page with the layout I'm using on my site. The actual content of a story page, which has a small picture linking to a larger one, is done with the following code (click the picture to see it larger):

Usually, a page using small thumbnail pictures has this piece of code 20 times (numbers running from 1 to 20), but if a story has for example 30 pictures, I prefer putting 15 pictures on each page.

The pictures are named so that they all have the same beginning, for example, "photoshoot" and a running numbering. The larger ones are the "b" files and smaller thumbnails "a" files. When all pictures are correctly named, I just run a few Find/Replace operations.

This example is from the page "Photoshoot":
  • The title of the photo: picture name -> Photoshoot
  • File and folder: filename -> 04shoot/photoshoot
  • Alt text: picture text -> Photoshoot
That gives a page with all pictures in place and then I just insert the texts between the paragraph start and end codes under the picture code.

Even that can be simplified a little by opening the text file containing the script in Word and using Find/Replace to insert a "/br" line break code before every paragraph break, so when the required parts of the text are copied into the HTML page, there will be line breaks in correct places.

I think Find/Replace is probably one of the most useful functions ever in a text editor. The editor I'm using for the web pages, Notepad++, takes it one step further. As it is designed for this sort of editing, it has an option for finding and replacing text in all open files. That's useful, when a story has several pages (I have templates for pages containing pictures 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80).

Still, even with all this, it is going to be a lot of work to transfer the Kitty and Riddick stories, which are mostly in sets of over 300 photos each.

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