Sep 26, 2013

A Clone in the Dark

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing PS Store when I saw a few interesting games you could get for free, if you had PS+. Also, there was an offer for getting 3 months extra when subscribing for a year. The price was €49.95, which seemed reasonable, considering all the free games I would get to play. Games I wouldn't buy separately, because they might be too difficult for me.

I subscribed and the first game I tried was Gravity Rush for PS Vita. My suspicions about that one proved right as I got stuck in a boss battle I haven't managed to win yet. I would be very annoyed, if I had paid full price for the game, but now it's just a pity, because I'd love to explore the city further. I haven't totally given up yet, but decided to play something else for a while and try this one again later.

That something else turned out to be Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark. I loved Portal and even though this looks very different, the basic idea is still the same, getting through fields with all sorts of nasty lasers and turrets and other fairly lethal contraptions. I first thought this could be too difficult for me, but as the game was free, I had nothing to lose (except time).

The game turned out to be good fun, and not too difficult, although it takes me a lot of time and tries to figure out what needs to be done. One of the really good things about the game is that you can skip bosses. For example, I had big trouble figuring out chamber 1-8 and decided to check what the skip function would do. It took me to Chapter 2 where the chambers aren't quite as tricky. Although, I did go to YouTube for help and managed to pass 1-8 as well.

The really hard part of the game is finding the collectibles. They're called helixes and they're so well hidden that I cannot imagine how people manage to find them. The only one I have found myself so far was in the very first chamber where it was clearly visible. For the other ones, I've resorted to YouTube videos.

The game has cross-buy, so you can get it for PS Vita and PS3 for the same price (or for free in this case). Before I realized that, I wondered a bit about the cloud sync function I saw on one of its screens in Vita. That is for saving progress in one device and transferring it to the other. I'll need to try that one as I have downloaded the game also to my PS3, although I plan to play it mostly in Vita, because it is so much faster to start playing with it (no switching cables like with the console, which shares the monitor with my laptop and uses the same kind of cable).

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