Sep 15, 2013


I've been planning on getting a food dehydrator and finally decided to get it. I would have liked the heavy duty model, which costs €250, but that was a bit too much, so I got the one that cost €50 and has less settings.

The first photo shows the dehydrator set with the minimum space between the trays. The instructions said to turn it on empty for 5 minutes to remove any residue from the fan. I did that and put a thermometer inside to check how warm it gets with this setup. It showed over 50°C in the middle tray when using setting 1 and that is too much.

You can increase the space between the trays by turning the trays to another position. With setting 1, this setup gave 45-47°C, which is better. I'm planning to do some experiments with ventilation by raising one or two trays more, so there will be openings on the sides as well. This would probably work well with stuff you can also dry in the room temperature, such as herbs and mushrooms.

Here is my first try with the dehydrator. I used a slicer to get even thickness for the banana slices. It took 6 hours on setting 1 to get these dry enough. The machine makes a bit too much noise and that can get annoying, but you can't really expect too much for the price I paid for it (compared to what one with all the proper settings costs).

Here are the dried slices. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I didn't add anything, just dried the banana slices as they were, but they are actually very good.

I'm planning on drying all kinds of fruit, depending on what happens to be available cheaply at the time. Glutenfree müsli is fairly expensive, so I'm thinking of just buying the flakes and adding the fruit myself. That way I'll get just the mix I want.

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