Nov 14, 2013


I have played or at least tried several new games recently. The first one is Rain for PS3, which I pre-ordered in good time, because I knew it would be "my kind of" game. The main character is a boy, who is visible only in rain. When sheltered from rain, he is invisible and only his footsteps and stuff he moves when walking by can be seen. He tries to reach a little girl who is just like him, and there are also monsters, who are visible in rain, invisible out of the rain.

The concept is great, but the actual game started getting a bit boring, because the solutions to problems are too repetitive. Still, it's a beautiful game and I enjoyed playing it through. The tedious part was finding the memories, which only get unlocked once you finish the game, so you need to go back. I just searched for a list of the locations and used that to complete that part. You get the last 3 trophies, if you find all the memories, and I so rarely get 100% trophies in a game. The only one in which I've managed to do that before this was Journey.

Touch My Katamari is for PS Vita and it was free with PS+, so I decided to try. The so-called story of the game is weird and the king started annoying me very quickly. The basic idea is simple, you just roll a ball over stuff, which then sticks to the ball and makes it bigger. You need to achieve a certain size in a certain amount of time. That could have been fun, but wasn't really, because the ball sometimes gets stuck and won't move even though there's nothing to stop it. That wastes precious time and gets me annoyed, and I'm not playing games to get annoyed, I do that quite enough without any games. So, I think I'll forget this one. Good thing I didn't pay for it.

I remember reading reviews of Remember Me and thinking it isn't for me, because they mentioned combos. I've got enough trouble with pressing single buttons, so I was sceptical about managing any combos. However, this is in November's free PS+ games and that meant I had to at least try and see how hard it would be.

I downloaded and installed the game on a Saturday afternoon, started playing and noticed suddenly that it was midnight. The game has a really interesting story and a female main character (Nilin), who dresses in an outfit suitable for her tasks, instead of extremely skimpy clothing, and looks like a normal person otherwise too. That is always a huge plus.

The controls turned out to be not too bad, although I still have trouble with fighting, even in Script Kiddie (easiest) level. However, I have managed to progress to the boss fight of chapter 3, although only after dying a lot. Nilin has already died in fights with various opponents and also very often by misjudging a jump and falling. Fortunately, there are frequent save points, so things don't get too frustrating.

I really hate boss battles, so I'm giving the game a rest right now, but I hope I'll manage to play at least a bit more of it later. I don't expect to be able to finish it, but I'd love to see more playing the game myself before I resort to watching the rest in YouTube. If only there was a game where you could just go exploring Neo-Paris. That would be fantastic.

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