Nov 9, 2013

Garmin Edge 200, part 2

I've been testing the device both while cycling and walking. Today it was walking as I went to take care of some errands in the town center. The accuracy of the GPS seems to suffer a bit when walking between tall buildings on the east side of the center. You can see that the rightmost vertical line in the picture below doesn't go along the streets, so the signal was lost in a couple of places and then picked up again later.

The way I'm using the device while walking is that I have attached the extra bracket that came with it into my backpack strap.

When in place, the device is facing forward and seems to pick the signal well enough. I'm really looking forward to going to Paukaneva to track the plank path, so I can see it on a map and also check how accurate the distances given in the direction signs are.

It's really great to have a device that can tell me my walking speed and distance. I have tested a meter that calculates steps, but I didn't trust the figures it gave, because the length of your steps varies and number of steps times the input step length cannot give accurate results.

My main reason for wanting the figures is to keep track of my physical condition. The changes in distances and speed should give some idea of the MS progression, although mine seems to affect cognition more than physical condition.


  1. I have been meaning to compare the Edge 200 to the Nike+ Sportwatch. I need to come up with a method for carrying the Garmin while walking or jogging.

  2. I searched for possible methods and found that the Garmin GPS Forerunner 910XT Quick Release Kit can hold the Edge as well. I'm just so cheap that I went for the free method as I carry the backpack with me anyway when going for longer walks.