Nov 20, 2013


I've been thinking for some time that I should check the town plans under preparation to see if there's anything new about block 11. The plan for that was stalled the last time and they decided to just approve the plan for block 12.

Today I found out that half of block 11 has got a proposal for a plan and it is available to public right now. Any complaints or comments are to be submitted this Friday at the latest, and a decision is to be made next month. Maybe this time they will actually get a decision.

The part in the proposal is the northern half, that is, the part to the left of the two-story house in the middle in the photo below. Now that trees are bare, you can see that the area has been cleared already, except for the tall birches. It's a pity that they will eventually have to go. I've grown quite fond of the view.

I think the drawing below shows the plan for the underground part of the new buildings as AP means parking area. The new buildings will be apartment houses with six stories and an underground parking garage. You can also see the locations of the other buildings across the street that you can see in the photo.

The next drawing shows what the planned buildings look like. They will be a lot like the apartment houses that have already been built in this area in the past 10 years or so.

I had been wondering a bit about the brick wall separating the new buildings in block 12 (the two rightmost blank ones in the picture above) from the older ones in the other half of the block, but the proposal for block 11 cleared that one. One of the requirements for the new buildings in block 11 is a firewall at least 1.2 meters high, separating them from the other buildings in the block. There were some other fire safety requirements as well, like making sure there is enough room for operating fire engines in the yard.

The attachments to the proposal revealed all sorts of interesting information, like parties involved in the process and what sort of statements different authorities have given about the issue. Based on everything I read, I'd say it's going to take some time before an agreement about the other half of block 11 can be reached. I guess that is why they're doing the planning of this area piece by piece.

The estimated schedule for the part discussed now is that building will start about a year from now. We'll see if that happens.

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