Nov 27, 2013

Remember Me

I spent the entire last weekend playing this game. If it had a less interesting story, I probably would have given up in the boss fight of episode 3, where I got stuck the first time, but I really wanted to see more.

The following contains spoilers.

I decided I needed to buy some time, so I searched for a game guide listing all the locations of the SAT Patches. Then I started a new game and made sure I picked up every one of them in the first three episodes. This time, when I got to the Zorn, I could take more damage than in the first game and, after several tries, I managed to beat it.

Starting a new game was a good idea, because I could also use the combos more efficiently now that I understood how they work and had had some practice. It is actually a clever system, because you can customize the combos for each battle. For example, when fighting the enforcers that give you damage each time you hit them, regeneration is very useful.

Memory remixing is much more interesting than fighting. Olga's memory took a lot of tries as did Forlan's, but I managed to get Scylla's memory right the first time. I had luck with the handbag, but otherwise the chain of events was fairly obvious. Although, there is one problem with this particular memory – even in its original version, the accident was Scylla's fault, you just don't look to the back seat that long while driving, no matter what is happening there. But parents aren't perfect, so maybe Scylla just took the easy way out and decided that it was Nilin's fault.

Before getting there, there was one exceptionally infuriating part in the game. When you're being chased by Trace, there's the part where he says "Oh my, Nilin..." and then you need to run and the floor plates are falling. You need to run without stopping or slowing down and the jumps need to be perfectly timed. I failed this one again and again and started to get really annoyed at hearing Trace's line again and again.

First I was shouting at him to keep his stupid mouth shut, and later I cursed the idiot game developer, who made the part too hard for the easy level and didn't realize that Trace's line, which I suppose is meant to be funny, only adds to the frustration. I finally managed to pass this part, after taking a little break from the game to cool down.

After the Zorns, that was the worst part. And speaking of Zorns, I got stuck with one again in episode 7. I tried to beat it probably a couple of dozen times, but just couldn't do it, so I gave up and watched the rest in YouTube. Good thing I gave up, because there would have been more seemingly endless battles ahead.

It really is a pity that they spoiled an otherwise great story with much too much fighting. What I missed most were alternative routes and ways of doing things. There were so many parts where there could have been an option of running away and hiding and then sneaking around and avoiding enemies. I guess that's not tough enough, although in real life, it would be the wisest choice.

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