Aug 15, 2013


I probably spend more time thinking about food than an average person, but that's because I have to. I have so many restrictions in my diet that it's a real effort to find something new, but I've been lucky this summer. First of all, I found some really good glutenfree bread in the store I told about in an earlier post.

These are sort of pre-baked breads, so you need to bake them for 15 minutes in 200°C. The first one is amaranth bread. It feels really hard when you take it out of the package, but it softens nicely in the oven and tastes really good. I also tried the alternative way of slicing it and putting the slices into a toaster for about 3.5 minutes. It's easier and the bread tastes even better and has nicer texture.

I also found some baguettes. These are made of corn, rice and flax flour with sesame and flax seeds. I like these even better, because there's more crust and I like that when it is crunchy right after baking. The same manufacturer also makes a version without the seeds.

Moving on to the less healthy products, there's chocolate cake and muffins. I have found some chocolate muffins before, but they weren't very good, so I was happy to find the chocolate cake from the same company that makes the breads. This was good, but not as good as the chocolate cakes I used to make when I didn't know how bad wheat is for me.

Mini muffins from the same company that makes the products shown in the earlier post were actually better. I guess it's because there is less comparison as I didn't really eat this sort of muffins before my diet change. These are really small and packed individually, which is always good, because for some reason, glutenfree bakery gets dry really fast. My main problem with these is that the outer package says there are 9 muffins inside, but there are only 8. I have tried the cocoa muffins as well and that package had 9 muffins.

Aug 13, 2013

Getting out again

The berry picking trip a month ago resulted in a hurt left foot and my knees haven't felt very good either, so I haven't been out much lately. Yesterday I suddenly noticed that my foot wasn't hurting that much, so I decided to go for a ride today.

You know the summer is ending when the harvesters appear on the fields.

The actual reason for going out was to check if there would be mushrooms. No luck there. All I could find was inedible ones like these. I think it's too late for boletes (there was something in the news about how they were early this year) and too early for woolly milk-caps.

These nests are close to the road on the way to the place where I pick berries and mushrooms. I always thought they're abandoned, but today I took a closer look.

There was still some traffic into and out of the nest. Not many bees, but there is definitely some activity in there.

I walked past the nests to the forest as there was a clearing, which made it easy to go deeper. There I saw this. I have no idea what it is, except I think it's a fungus.

Further on into the clearing, I found lingonberries. Very easy to access place, far enough from traffic, and lots and lots of berries. Didn't pick any, though, because the sky was starting to look really dark.

I was still several kilometers from home when I spotted this. I was so hoping it would be going away, but of course it was coming right towards me. I still had a long way to go when the pouring rain started. I rode as hard as I could, but the one month break from cycling had taken its toll and I had to give up and just get soaked.