Oct 27, 2013

Cycling and walking

The weather is starting to get colder and days are getting shorter, but today was a nice, sunny, almost warm day, so I decided to take advantage of that and cycled to Paukaneva to go for a walk.

I was really surprised to see this. The road I needed to take used to go right there where those white things are. First I turned back, but went only about 100 meters or so when I started thinking that there must be a way, so I went to have a closer look.

Actually, there is a newer, bigger crossing a bit further on from the location above. It is very clear why this was done as the new crossing is in a lot safer place than the old one, with good visibility to the main road in both directions.

This panorama shows both the old (right) and new (left), so you can see they aren't that far from each other.

The rivers aren't flooding, but the water level is higher than in summer. To get to the entry to Paukaneva, I needed to take a tiny road, path really, on the other side of the river, cycle to where you can see the other bridge and go under it (there's a small path on the river bank). If you own a car, you can just drive the main road and get to the parking lot near the place where the plank path begins.

Bog isn't really that interesting this time of the year, but Labrador Tea (Rhododendron tomentosum) smells best now. In summer, the smell is so strong it can give you a headache, but now it's just a very faint, pleasant smell in the air.

This is the place where I picked cranberries last year, but I didn't see any today (maybe they had all been picked) and the terrain was much too wet to go and take a closer look wearing the shoes I was wearing. Should have had rubber boots, but I wanted to make sure my left foot wouldn't start hurting again, so I chose proper walking shoes.

To end with something more colorful, here are some cranberries I found in September last year.