Dec 1, 2013

Flower for PS Vita

I already got Flower for PS3 earlier, so now that the Vita version is available, I got it for free as it's a cross-buy game. I think you can also get it for free for PS4, if you have bought one of the earlier versions as a digital copy.

I was playing it all Saturday while "watching" movies (just listening, with an occasional glance at the screen). I managed to get one of the trophies I didn't get when playing the PS3 version, so once I had figured out how to do that, I went back to the PS3 version and got it there as well.

The game starts with a very bleak screen:

As you proceed, the number of flowers on the window sill grows, color increases, and the scenery seen from the window changes.

The idea in the game is that you have one petal to start with and then you collect more from flowers you visit while being flown by the wind.

I really love the graphics in this game. The colors are so vibrant and the flowers are beautiful. Just look at these:

The only minus the game gets from me is the Pure trophy. It is much too hard for a game like this. This is supposed to be something you relax with and the trophy is extremely annoying to try to get. I gave up earlier with the PS3 version and may do the same with this version, if I won't succeed in a few tries.